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Say goodbye to planning, shopping, preparation and cooking. Or even worse – fast food or easy options of bad choices!

THRIVE is a 6-day meal plan, providing you with healthy breakfasts, healthy lunches and a choice of 2x healthy dinner options. Plus, you get healthy snacks to nibble on throughout the day to keep that appetite sated. These are delivered locally, or collected by you each morning for the day ahead.

Whilst the base of the menu initially is from our Café Cous Cous menu, the meals continue to be developed and vegetarian and vegan recipes researched and trialled, on an on-going basis.

This plan provides you with nutritionally sound vegetarian food options which will save you time, help you to look and more importantly feel great, and set you on a path to achieve small, medium or huge goals with regard to your wellness – whether it be loss of weight, change of shape or maybe it’s also just convenience of smart choices in the busy lives we lead.

Our meal plans are not based on counting calories. THRIVE is about teaching you that weight loss doesn’t have to mean rabbit food! It IS possible, to lose weight, increase energy levels and eat tasty food all at the same time.

Each of our weight-loss meals are nutritionist-designed and all about consuming tasty, and nutrient-dense food and snacks throughout your day. This helps you avoid the energy highs and lows and enables you to focus better on the important things you need to do. It’s also much more filling, as plant-based food has more fibre and is nutrient-dense. So, you eat well but possibly less, yet stay fuller for longer!


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